Translation Final Project: Kembang Jepun

For this assignment, you will produce 3 documents: the translation of selected paragraphs of the novel, the paper, and the peer assesment. All submissions to be sent via email to neny(at)staff(d0t)uksw(dot)edu before the deadlines.

Translation of the selected paragraph (Group, Deadline — 31 October 2013, 4 PM)


Perempuan Kembang Jepun by Lan Fang; Gramedia 2006, ISBN. 979-22-2404-1

p.48/para.1: Mas Sujono tidak seperti Mas Wandi… till p.49/end of para.1: …aku mulai menjalin hubungan dengannya.
p.168/para.5: Aku tidak ingin berlama-lama,… till end of chapter: Aku benci sekali!
P.201/last para: Aku khawir sekali Matsumi… till p.203: Aku harus bisa menemukan mereka ***
P.237/last sentence: Perasaan asing bahwa aku… till p.239 /#2 last sentence: bayangannya sudah berpuluh-puluh tahun kukubur.

Format of the translation: 

  • Use Word; save and transmit work in Word Document (*.doc)
  • Name the file as: yourmembersname-translation.docx
  • Paragraph: alignment – left
  • indent new paragraph
  • line spacing: 1.5
  • Font: Times New Roman – regular – #12.
  • Paginate: in footer on the right.
  • In header: Your name – Translation from PKJ.
  • Mark each section and separate with ===Sample of submission is available here:

Submissions which do not adhere to all of the above formatting requirements will not be read.


The Paper  (Group, Deadline — 10 November 2013, 4 PM) 

The  paper should consists of:

  • the explanation of the strategies in translating the excerpts (around 700-800 words)
  • a short literary review on literary translation (around 250 to 300 words).

The Final Project Peer Assessment (individual, deadline — 10 November 2013, 4 PM)

In order to evaluate individual performance of each member of the group, a peer assessment system will be used to make sure that each member of the group is involved in the process of doing the final project and in evaluating fellow members of the group. Each member of the group will assess other members of the group using Likert scale of 1-5, using the form provided at: Please rename the file as: yourfullname-translation.docx

The following reduction system will be applied to the peer assessment system:

Rating Quality : Reduction
5 (Excellent) :  0
4 (Good) : 0
3 (Adequate) :  -1
2 (Not consistent) :  -2
1 (No involvement) :  -3

The reduction will be cumulative. It means that if you have a group consisting of 4 members, you will get 3 peer assessments from your group mates. It will be applied to your total score for the final grade of the final project. For example:
Your temporary total score = 9
Your rating from 3 group mates = Not consistent (or ‘2’)
Reduction = 3 x -2 = -6
Your updated total score = 9-6 = 3
Please note that the peer assessment could make a great difference in your final project score. Therefore, we suggest that you show your group mates that you’re deeply involved in the process of doing the assignment.

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