Translation: Final Project Guide


  • Ghanez Fandy Triaji Wardhana; Vicky Kooswartono Putri; Brevet Dewa Dirgantara
  • Ratna Putri Sanjaya; Fransiska Retno Ambar Sari; Puput Putri Asmani
  • Ulya Rahma Diane; Barrio Senofajar Santoso; Elisse Setya Wardani
  • Maria Laurensia Adeline Angelika Wijaya; Putra Pamungkas Budiman; Shinta Adventin Ayodyawati
  • Caecilia Fanny Chrisnanda Putri; Clarissa Tiara Berninda; Fitriyani


  1. Find a translated text (from English to Indonesian)
  2. Analyze the translation of the text in terms of its quality of translation in the form of a well-organized paper
  3. Use 3 references in your analysis. The references can be in the theories of translation or in the field relevant to the type of the translated text

Requirements of the Paper

Length: 800-1000 words (excluding the translation excerpts used and list of references)
File naming: Translation-FinalProject-(NicknamesofGroupMembers)

Outline of the Paper

  1. Introduction (100-150 words)
    • Introduce the text translated, the type of the text, the author of the original English text, the translator of the text (if available), and the reasons why your group selected the text.
  2. Body (500-750 words, not including the excerpts of the text)
    • Review of Literature
      • What research/scholars say about the translation strategies or in the translation of the text type (e.g. translation of ads) — the more specific/focused, the better.
    • Discussion
      • Find out the translation strategies that the translator used in the text.
      • Evaluate if the strategies are appropriate or problematic.
      • Provide examples of the excerpts in the text to support your evaluation of the strategies.
      • If the translation are problematic, offer alternative translations.
  3. Conclusion (100-200 words)
    • Summarize your analysis and give a conclusion about the quality of the translation.
  4. List of References
    • 3 references from academic journals or books.
  5. Peer Assessment
    • Download the form here, fill it in, and send the filled form individually to my email.

Submission Deadline

Send the soft copy of your group paper and your individual peer assessment to neny(at)staff(dot)uksw(dot)edu before Monday, 14 July 2014, 5 PM.

Problems or Questions?

Email, twit, facebook, or see me.

God speed!


[Business English] Order of Project Presentation

Dear students,

Here is the order of presentation for your project.

Monday, 25 November 2013

  1. Yohana-Angga-Derry-Chyrillus: Advertisement pages for a travel magazine
  2. Meike-Deasy-Kethryne-Ivana: Opening of a  new cafe
  3. Jhon-Rio-Murti-Agustin: A fundraising function for sponsoring an art festival
  4. Rowena-Aria-Widhy-Damay: A launching of a new clothing line
  5. Sharon-Lazuardina-Ratih-Afidha: Opening of a new preschool

Thursday, 28 November 2013

  1. Desi-Bella-Gita: A fundraising function for sponsoring an art festival
  2. Chrisda-Anastasya-Fenty: An advertising concept for a new laptop
  3. Mitha-Raras-Yohana: Advertisement pages for a travel magazine
  4. Dwi-Herinta-Inggrit-Novita: A launching of a new clothing line

Monday, 2 December 2013

  1. Cinthya-Linda-Erin-Frans: An advertising concept for a new laptop
  2. Sherly-Martha-Chris-OngNeysa: A launching for a new bank service
  3. Premi-Mayang-Luky-Irwan: A campaign for Salatiga mayor candidate
  4. Zale-Dewi-Asa-Titania: A campaign for green living

Thursday, 5 December 2013

  1. Syerlinda-Ema-Maria-Aditya: A launching for a new band
  2. Noel-Odry-Luina-Della: Opening of a  new cafe
  3. Yulia-Felix-Adi-Isti: A campaign for Salatiga mayor candidate
  4. Desy-Mustikasari-Yuni: A campaign for green living
  5. David-Vega-Andries: Opening of a new preschool

Please note that each group will have 20-30 minutes to present (excluding preparation times). Again, the sky is the limit for creativity.

See you in class!